Tablet Repairs

Welcome to Speedo Electronics & Tablet Repairs

We are a well-established electronics and IT repairs and maintenance store with highly qualified and experienced technicians working on advanced equipment. We pride ourselves on service delivery and excellence – be it your tablet, iPad, or cellphone we’re here to fulfill your needs at unbeatable prices.


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Docking ports & systems

Your phone is useless if you can’t charge it. Let us fix it for you quickly.
See our catalogue for docking ports & systems prices for the most common devices.

Home button repairs

Broken home buttons are common and completely disrupt your ability to use your tablet.
We can repair your home button as quickly as possible.

Tablet screen replacement

Unfortunately, screens can get smashed or cracked or give troubles such as bleeding, black or white screens, and dead pixels. If so you are at the right place. We are versed in the art of tablet repairs, we keep all parts in stock allowing us to rapidly repair front panels and replace the glass or touch screens on all tablets and cell phones. We use original screens for our repairs and guarantee a perfect fit every time with satisfaction. All done with no prior appointments.
See our catalogue for screen replacement prices for the most common devices.

Water damage

Our technicians are equipped with an industrial-grade residue-free cleaning unit.
This equipment easily allows for the removal of tainted liquid, grease buildup, and other dirt from the logic boards (motherboard) of the device.

Mainboard repairs

Troubleshooting is a big part of what we do, but it’s far from the only service we offer. Speedo Computers offers a full hardware repair service for every type of fault imaginable. Including but not limited to logic-board, processor related repairs, upgrades and all other discrete component replacements and repairs.
We keep in stock the majority of parts we need to repair our customers’ devices the very same day and usually within a short couple of hours.

Battery replacement & sales

We offer original manufacturer batteries alongside the highest quality copy batteries available, giving you choices for the best prices that suit your needs.
You probably don’t need a power bank, you just need a proper battery.
See our catalogue for battery replacement prices for the most common devices.

Common Windows errors

Whether you’re an IT technician, student or a just a client, you face Windows errors every now and then. We have experienced IT cracks at Speedo Computers with the latest knowledge available on you devices. Which means if we can’t help you, we’ll advise you.

Graphics software packages

To some of us graphic designing is not just a job but a passion as well, for that reason try out our unbeatable low prices for those different software packages while you get the best out of your passion.