Domestic Amplifier 

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We are a well-established electronics and IT repairs and maintenance store with highly qualified and experienced technicians working on advanced equipment. We pride ourselves on service delivery and excellence – be it your smart life, home or business, we’re here to fulfill your needs at unbeatable prices.

We repair and upgrade Amplifiers of all makes.

Logic board repairs

With all our advanced equipment including micro rework stations among many others, we can deliver miracles to your amplifier’s lifeless logic board with ICs or micro chips.
Yes, we can do it!
Contact us now for a quote or to book an appointment to repair your amplifier logic board.

Domestic Amplifiers

We repair all brands of domestic amplifiers. We take a different approach to audio and sound repairs – we focus on preventative maintenance, so if your amplifier runs into any problems, we’ll not only remove the problem we’ll do everything possible to ensure the system does not suffer the same problem later on. We are able to do this by applying all advanced up-to-date security and protective measures released by the manufacturer and caution our clients of the possible causes.
We can also give you advice on how to handle your music equipment, which ones we don’t recommend and why. Our company is fortunate enough to employ technicians who understand sound, audio and the art of amplifiers.
Drop off your faulty amplifier to our store or make use of our courier services. Done right the first time. Be sure to give us a call prior to your visit or courier.

Power Supplies

We deal with power supplies ranging from switched-mode (SMPS), transformers to wired transformers and other types of power supply. If you’ve suffered from water or liquid damage, a power surge or damage from high voltages, we have a solution for your power supply.
Our team of qualified and experienced technicians are always eager to resolve your amplifier’s power problems.

Sound modules

We source all power amplifier modules from the original manufacturer.
Your amplifier wont only bare our repair sticker on it, but also a manufacturer’s guarantee when you receive it back from us.
Contact us now for a quote or to book an appointment to repair your amplifier.