Computer Repairs

Desktops & Laptops

We are a well-established electronics and IT repairs and maintenance store with highly qualified and experienced technicians working on advanced equipment. We pride ourselves on service delivery and excellence – be it your smart life, home or business, we’re here to fulfill your needs at unbeatable prices.

We repair and upgrade laptops & computers of all makes.

Windows or IOS installations & upgrades

We install all Software upgrades from Android to Windows or IOS, for all kinds of devices. Drop off your device for an Upgrade.

Anti-virus & virus scanning

Free or commercial Anti-Virus programs, we’ll install one of your choice and perform a full system scan for free from any of the platforms you choose

Build your dream desktop

For those with special computer needs, whether for high-end gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, or some other reason, we’re able to build up a computer box from scratch.

All you have to do is let us know the specs you want and we’ll get them done.

RAM upgrades & installation

If your  laptop or desktop is starting to feel a little bit slow, often all you need is more RAM to help you machine cope better with new, resource heavy software. We stock and order memory chips for desirable client choices, sizes and types from DDR 2 to DDR 4 DIMMS.

Mainboard repairs

Is your laptop or desktop’s mainboard suffering from water or fluid damage, bad capacitors, random beeps, or something else preventing it from running properly?

It’s not the end of your machine’s life, our team of experienced technicians has the expertise to grant your mainboard life again and get your laptop or desktop up and running again.

IT system maintenance

It’s our job and duty to ensure the safe and smooth running of all your desktops and laptops at home or work.

Common Windows errors

Whether you’re an IT technician, student or a just a client, you face Windows errors every now and then. We have experienced IT cracks at Speedo Computers with the latest knowledge available on you devices. Which means if we can’t help you, we’ll advise you.

Graphics software packages

To some of us graphic designing is not just a job but a passion as well, for that reason try out our unbeatable low prices for those different software packages while you get the best out of your passion.