Car Amplifier Repairs

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Sound & connections

Free speaker testing as goodwill after a successful repair.
No sound output at all but the amp is on.
Hum & distortion in the sound.

Board level repairs

Advanced board-level repairs to ensure manufacturer guarantee.
Recovery of burnt and broken tracks on the mainboard due to heat, bumps, and so on.
Liquid and fluid damage.

Get your Car Amplifiers Repaired

With a 95% success rate and more than 1000 happy customers nationwide, we guarantee satisfactory service when we repair your car amplifier. Regardless of the model, design, or make, we can take care of the following:

Dead or no power

These are just some of the common power problems we deal with on car amplifiers.
Amplifier won’t switch on but there is power on the cables
Keeps on blowing fuses as soon as plugged into power
Power cuts off

Protection mode

If your amplifier goes into protection mode, it’s often a sign there is something wrong that should be tended to before more damage is done.
Amplifier goes into protection mode when switched on
Protection light glows when speakers or RCAs are connected
The amplifier will switch to protection mode when played loud