About us


Speedo Electronics & Computers Corp. is a substantial private enterprise providing exclusive and professional technical repair services with utmost excellence and satisfaction at individual and Corporate levels. From information technology, domestic electronic appliances and professional sound/audio equipment, at Speedo Electronics & Computers we pride ourselves for the great team of experts in their given fields with years of experience. Our primary focus is to continue and maintain steady growth in the day-to-day changing world of information technology and music life with our talented and skilled staff.

Service advantage

Our company has a 13-year history in the field of electronics and has established an outstanding reputation.

Executive summary

Speedo Electronics & Computers Corp. is a truly excellent company that is admired and respected the nation over, we strive to join the ranks of the country’s top 100 companies in terms of all major sound and audio repair fields. We obviously have our outstanding R&D department as a competitive advantage in this aspect, and we also continue to develop new innovations focused on strengthening equipment repairs competitiveness along with the changing times, stepping up efforts to digitize our services to deliver new values in an increasingly networked world.

Mission & Objectives

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Create brand awareness for new products & services to be launched in digital devices per week
  • Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction among 95% of target customers
  • Increase market share in information technology, sound and audio market segment each year
  • Aim to become No.1 in all major technology and electronic areas

Friendly Approach

We have a local friendly team. Feel free to ask us any questions as we work on your machines.

We do more

In fact, we do everything. Like IT support.  From ongoing maintenance and networking solutions to security and hardware advice.

No Fix, No Fee

In the event that we do not possess the necessary knowledge to fix a problem, there is nothing to pay. *T&C apply

Same Day Repairs Available

In most cases, we can repair your equipment on the same day.